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Cheap Notebook computers for less than £150. New and refurbished laptops and netbooks for under 150 pounds

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  • £129.99

    The Dell latitude D531 laptop has a powerful dual core CPU, 4 GB of DDR2 memory, 15.4 inch widescreen LCD display and 80 GB hard drive preinstalled with Windows 10, office and antivirus software. It has a integrated RS232 serial com port so it is ideal for CNC or garages BUY IT NOW

  • £149.97

    The Fusion 5 is the cheapest Window 10 laptop with its 10.6 inch full HD screen, Quad core 1.8ghz Intel Baytrail CPU and 2GB of RAM. Its super light weighing in at less than 1kg.BUY IT NOW

  • £119.99

    A powerfull dual core Windows 7 laptop from Dell, With a massive 2GB of RAM, built in wireless for broadband internet. Complete with Windows 7 Operating system, office software and anti virus BUY IT NOW

  • £129.99

    A powerful dual core netbook from Dell with 1GB RAM, 12.1 inch bright TFT screen, 60gb hard drive and integrated wireless. Comes with Windows XP pro ready installed and is perfect for home and office BUY IT NOW

  • £125.00

    Light and modern designed Dell laptop, with Powerful dual core Intel centrino CPU, 512mb RAM, integrated 9 Pin serial RS232 com port. It comes complete with Windows XP Pro installed making it ideal for garage diagnostic or CNC use BUY IT NOW

  • £139.00

    A powerfull business class laptop from IBM. 1.7ghz pentium M cpu, massive 1gb of RAM. Bright 14.1 inch TFT screen and integrated WIFI for wireless internet. Comes with Windows XP pro and office software pre installed. BUY IT NOW

  • £139.99

    This Dell laptop is perfect for garages and CNC users who need a mobile computer with a RS232 port. With this unit you get the power of full desktop computer in a compact, easy to operate package portable package, With Windows XP, and integrated wifi BUY IT NOW

  • £127.99

    This brand new 10 inch super-slim white laptop runs the latest Google Android 4 software, which makes it the perfect travel and entertainment device. With a powerful ARM Cortex CPU,10 inch HD screen, 4GB of flash memory 1GB RAM you access to over 100000 apps through the Google Play store so you will find all the software you will ever need. Available in...

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items