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    Frequently asked questions

    Q. How come you can offer laptops and desktops so much cheaper than other websites?

    A. Our reconditioned laptops, desktops and monitors are ex corporate pcs that have been refurbished to our high standard so by offering refurbished rather than new computers we are able to sell them much cheaper than our competitors.

    Q. If they reconditioned does this mean they are old and falling apart?

    A. Far from it, they are all tested by our Microsoft certified professional engineers before we sell them to you. The only way you may release that the item isn't new is the odd mark or blemish on the computers. Anything more than cosmetic blemishes will be listed in the items condition

    Q. If the computers are not new, will they come with other peoples files, photos, internet history etc on them?

    A. No, all our computers are securely wiped to government standards to erase any previous file from the computer and the software is all re-installed by our qualified technicians

    Q. I am unsure as to whether i should go for a desktop or laptop computer, which should i choose?

    A. Laptops have a great advantage in terms of their portability. If you carry a laptop with you, your applications and documents are always immediately available. And with wireless your laptop can also access the Internet anywhere around the house, garden or even while on the go at many places like cafe's and train stations offer free wireless access. If space is limited such as in a student dorm laptops are a better option as they can be stored away much easier than a desktop.

    Desktops usually offer a better price-to-performance ratio and can usually be upgraded easier with larger hard drives and more memory bigger screens than a laptop.
    Desktop/tower pcs are approximately 1/2 the price of a comparable laptop so if cost is an issue and you don't need the portability a desktop is your better option.

    Q. I want a laptop to do email, internet and office/home work on, will any of your computers be able to do this?

    A. Yes all our laptops even those we sell at £99 or above are able to do all basic internet and office task and are ideal for students

    Q. I want a computer to watch internet TV (iplayer, youtube etc) or DVD on, what specification should i choose?

    A. Any laptop or desktop with CPU of 1.2 ghz or higher and 256 Mb or more memory will be able to perform these tasks, as well as normal office and internet use (DVD drive needed to watch DVD movies)

    Q. Why should i pay you more for a refurbished computer when i can pick one up 2nd hand cheaper from ebay or classified adverts?

    A. Second hand computers are ok if you are willing to take the risk with them as they won't come with any warranty if it develops a fault, neither can you guarantee that the software installed with be legitimate, free from viruses and spyware and that any personal files will have been removed. All our PC's and laptops come with 30 day warranty have the hard drive securely wiped and have legitimate licensed software reinstalled before shipping including free antivirus software

    Q. Do the refurbished computers come with printed manuals, driver disks, recovery cd, etc?

    A. Unfortunately no, in most cases unless it specifically says so in the product listing. Most device drivers are freely downloadable from the manufacturers website along with online versions of the product manuals and a windows recovery disks can be ordered with your computer

    Q. I am still not sure which computer is the best for me can I speak to someone for advice?

    A. Of course we are always happy to advise you either online or via the phone just drop us a message through the contact button at the top of this page or telephone us 0843 886 9259