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    Cheap computer for £39 - With Windows XP and office software


    An ideal cheap desktop or tower PC to send emails, write letters, watch videos and surf the internet without spending a fortune on a new system.

    The computer will come with at least 256mb of memory, a 1.4ghz or faster CPU and windows OS, office software and antivirus software pre-installed


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    * 1.4ghz or faster processor
    * Tower or desktop case
    * 512MB or more memory
    * 10GB or larger hard drive
    * CD or DVD DRIVE
    * USB Ports
    * Ethernet port 10/100 for fast broadband internet
    * VGA &, Audio ports
    * Comes with pre-used keyboard and mouse - order a brand new keyboard and mouse here
    * Microsoft Windows XP/Vista or 7
    * Office software - Word processor, Spread sheet, presentation package
    * Antivirus software installed

    These computers are pre-owned but have been refurbished and tested ready for many more years of use
    The images are only intended as an indication of the type of computer and actual model may be either a tower or desktop and colours may vary depending on what we have in current stock