Sticky Dome Electric Flea Trap

This electric sticky pad flea trap is the answer to the flea or other insect issue. It is safe to use around your pets or children and no chemicals are needed. It simply plugs into the mains and it's bulb replicates the heat normally given off by your pets body heat. The fleas are attracted to the heat from the bulb and get stuck onto the strong adhesive of the stick pad.


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We all love our pets but fleas can be a right pain for both you and your pet. You may use spot on treatments or collars for your pet but fleas spend 80% of their life away from your pet living in their bedding, furniture and carpets. There are harsh chemicals you can use to kill fleas on your pets bedding and your furniture but fleas are becoming resistant to insecticides and the chemicals are not safe to use around pets and people.

Benefits of this item:

  • Eco-friendly no harsh chemicals
  • Safe to use around pets and people
  • Can be used 24 hours a day for total protection
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with 2 sticky pads included
  • Use in any room
  • Attracts fleas from up to 10 metres away from the trap
  • Easy to replace bulbs and sticky pads
  • Full ROSH and CE ratings
  • Spare sticky pads can be stored for up to 12 months


Q. Does the flea trap come with a UK plug?
A. Yes it comes with a 3 pin UK plug and has full CE and ROHS rating for safety

Q. How long do the sticky pad last for?
A. The pads usually last a couple of weeks before they begin to loose their sticky and we advise to replace them.

Q. What type of bulb does the trap use?
A. It comes with a bulb included, but when you need to replace the bulb in the future it takes 7 - 10 watt night light type bulbs.

Q. Can I use the trap when my pet is in the room?
A. Yes, its perfectly safe around people and pets but for most effective results its best to be used in a room without your pet in or the fleas with also be attracted towards your pet as well as the trap.