12 Inch T5 UV Tubes Fly Zapper Lamps for EazyZap, Flymatic, Vermatic, Prozap, Xterminate, PlusZap 8W & 16W Insect Killers

Reference: tvx8-12

These UV tubes are suitable for a variety of brands of insect zappers such as EazyZap, Flymatic, Vermatic, Prozap, Xterminate, PlusZap & many others that require 30cm / 12 inch 8 watt T5 UV lamps.


Delivery: 3 to 5 days

Data sheet

Condition Brand New
Width 30 cm
Depth 1.6cm

More info

While your current fly zapper bulbs may be still emitting visible light, after approximate 6000 hours of usage the amount of UV light emitted by the lamp will have dropped to a level where it will not be effective at attracting insects. So it is advised to replace your insect killers tubes yearly even if they still look ok as the useful ultraviolet light cannot be detected by the naked eye

Specification :

Size: 300mm length x 16 mm diameter (approximately 12 inches length)
Colour: Ultraviolet blue light
Average lifetime: 6000-8000 hours run time
Cap type: G5 cap (pins 5mm apart)
Light wavelength: 365nm
Compatibility: EazyZap, Flymatic, Vermatic, Prozap, Xterminate, Plus Zap electric bug killers.