Replacement bulbs for Insect-o-cutor SE22, SE44, CG22 ,CG44 Fly Killers

Reference: T9-circular-22W

Replacement bulbs suitable for fly zappers that require 22W round UV lamps. Such as Insect-o-cutor SE22, SE44, CG22 ,CG44 insect killers


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Data sheet

Condition Brand New

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These tubes are suitable for a variety of brands of insect zappers which take T9 round 22W circular UV tubes such as Insect-o-cutor Select SE22, SE44, CG22, CG44


Size: Bulb diameter 203mm - Circumference 300mm - Tube thickness 26mm
Average Rated Life 4000 Hours
Light wavelength: 365nm
Cap type: G10q (4 pin connector)
22W T9 Circular Tubes
Extra information
While your current insect killers bulbs may be still emitting visible light, after approximate 6000 hours of usage the amount of ultraviolet light emitted by the lamp will have dropped to a level where it will not be effective at attracting insects. So it is advised to replace your insect killers tubes yearly even if they still look ok as the useful ultraviolet light cannot be detected by the naked eye