2 Starter switches for electric fly zappers (4 - 40W)

Reference: 2-fly-zapper-bulb-starters

Replacement starters for electric insect killers. Suitable for fly zappers that use bulbs of wattage 4w to 40w


Delivery: 3 to 5 days

Data sheet

Condition Brand New
Width 30 cm
Depth 1.6cm

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When replacing the UV tubes in your fly zapper it is also important to replace the electric starters, as although your existing starter switches may light you old U.V bulbs okay, they may not provide enough power for your new lamps which can cause flickering tubes or bulbs not lighting.
These starters are suitable for most brands of insect killer that use bulbs of wattage between 4 watts and 22 watts. Such as Eazyzap, Vermatik, Insect-o-cuter, Flymatic, Prozap, Swan and Pluszap.
  • Suitable for fly zappers of Wattage: 4 - 40w
  • Quantity: 2 Starters
  • Type: T8
  • Dimensions: 2cm
  • Brand: Various depending on stock

NB. Some newer insect killers do not require starters so please check your fly zappers instruction manual or contact us if you are unsure