Adhesive label remover 100ml removes crayon, pen, adhesive

Self Adhesive Label Remover is a powerful yet safe way to remove adhesive residue and marks left behind by: labels, price stickers, adhesive tape, plasters, crayon, tar, oil, grease etc.

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Works fast and efficiently on all hard surfaces such as: tables, desks, china, glass, packaging, paintwork, presents, fabric, skin etc.

Ideal for use in: around the home, in the office, workshop, retail shops, postal rooms etc.

A 100ml bottle is enough to remove dozens of labels

How to use:

  1. Pour a few drops of the label remover or paint it on using a small brush onto the label or sticky area
  2. Leave it for a few minutes
  3. The label should then remove with ease
  4. Wipe off the remaining label remover with a clean cloth
  5. Repeat as necessary if some adhesive still remains

It is not recommended for delicate fabrics such as silk, leather, suede etc.

See a demonstration video of the label remover in action on youtube