Pets Claw Clippers

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Keep your pets claws from scratching up you and your furniture by trimming them with these easy to use clippers

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Package included:
1 x Pet Nail Clippers
1.Brand new and high quality
2.Materials :Stainless steel,TPE,PP plastic
3.Color: Blue
4.Size:14cm x 6.5cm
5.This product is suitable for clipping the claws of both cats and dogs
6.Sharp stainless steel knife head,environmentally-friendly material handle,anti-skid
1. Gently stroke your pet to calm them
2. Pick up one of their feet and cut the the claws one by one with the trimmers.
3. Keep clipper and claws at an angle of 45 degrees.
4. Do not cut too close to your pets paws as it could cause bleeding