Beaphar WORMclear Worming Tablets for Cats And Kittens, Kills Roundworm And Tapeworms

Beaphar WORMclear for cats kills roundworms and tapeworms. It can be used on cats and kittens from 6 weeks of age and is effective in one simple dose.


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Box Contains
2 x tablets (6 months cover for a adult cat)

Beaphar WORMclear for Cats kills roundworms and tapeworms. They can be given to cats from 6 weeks of age weighing 1kg, and are effective in one simple dose. Kittens should be treated every 14 days until two to three weeks after weaning. Nursing mothers should be treated two weeks after giving birth and every two weeks until weaning. To remain worm free, adult cats should be treated every three months and any sources of re-infestation, such as fleas or mice, should be removed.

  • Kills roundworms and tapeworms
  • Vet strength wormer
  • Affordable
  • Meaty flavoured tablets


What type of worms can harm my cat?
The most common intestinal parasite found in cats and dogs in the UK fall into two main categories – roundworms and tapeworms. Roundworms are the biggest concern, as they are also able to infect people. Cats and dogs should be regularly wormed to remove these unwelcome parasites, and ensure no infection is passed on to pet or person. Tapeworms often appear around the animals bottom as small white segments. Round worms appear in faeces, sometimes still mobile.

My vet says pet shop wormers do not work - is this true?
By law, all pet medicines have to pass stringent testing to prove effectiveness, safety and quality before they make it to market. Indeed, to be allowed to be sold 'over the counter', products have to have a long and robust safety record. All Beaphar wormers have been proven effective and to 'do what it says on the pack'. Beaphar WORMclear contains the same high quality levels of active ingredient as many vet prescribed wormers.

Should I be worried about worms?
Yes. Not carrying out regular worming can lead to serious health problems for your pet and may lead to expensive vet bills. You could also be putting yourself, your pets and others at risk. Fortunately, modern worming is low cost and easy to carry out. Beaphar have a wide range of worming products for all ages.

How often should I worm my cat or kitten?
It is recommended to worm an adult cat every three months. Nursing mothers and young kittens should be wormed more often than adult cats (initially every 2 weeks), until 2-3 weeks after weaning, at which point they can be wormed at the interval of an adult cat.

Please note: Medicines are not able to be returned under the 14 day money back offer due the the health risks posed.