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  • £8.99

    An External USB 3.5 inch floppy disk Drive, ideal for keeping backups of important files or transfering software from disk to your PC or laptop. BUY IT NOW

  • £229.99

    Enable the touch screen functions of your HP TC4200 tablet laptop with this genuine HP touch screen stylus pen BUY IT NOW

  • £11.99

    A set of stereo multimedia speakers by Logitech. These speaker are powered by USB and have a standard 3.5mm jack plug so can be plugged into computers, tablet PCs or MP3 players and will make your audio come alive. BUY IT NOW

  • £3.00

    Compact USB webcam from Labtec connects to your computer via the supplied USB cable. Use for Skype, yahoo, AOL, security camera or other video chat. BUY IT NOW

  • £14.99

    An A4 flatbed scanner from Hewlett packard. The scanjet 3400c supports colour scans with a resolution upto 600dpi BUY IT NOW

  • £9.99

    Protect your 10 inch tablet pc from scratched with this quality leather case and with integrated USB keyboard you can type at full speed while on the move. BUY IT NOW

  • £2.79

    A brand new high quality soft fabric protective sleave for 10 inch tablet PCs or netbooks. Made from neoprene material it protects your tablet or netbook from scratches and knocks BUY IT NOW

  • £15.30

    This adaptec PCI-to-SCSI adapter allows for the connection of 7 SCSI devices. It has the Adaptec 7800 chipset range and provides an Internal 50 pin SCSI connector, an external 50pin high density SCSI connector. BUY IT NOW

  • £8.99

    A 9V 1.5A AC power charger suitable for use on the 7 inch or 10 inch android netbooks.BUY IT NOW

  • £9.14

    Black keyboard and mouse set (brand new) Suitable for use with computers with a PS/2 or USB connectors BUY IT NOW

  • £10.99

    Want use your laptop while on the road without the worry of your laptop battery going flat? Well you can with this universal laptop in car charger that plugs into the 12V cigarette lighter of your car. Works with most makes of laptops from Acer, Dell, Compaq, IBM, NEC, Sony, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, Sharp, Toshiba plus many more.BUY IT NOW

  • £7.41

    A brand new high quality nylon laptop carry case, Fits most makes of laptop with screens up to 15.5 inches BUY IT NOW

Showing 1 - 12 of 43 items